Project Description

With great experience and achievements in the fashion industry designer and creative director Cansu Odemis is providing design consultancy services to the world’s leading well-established, and also emerging fashion & textile design brands.

Award-winning designer Cansu Odemis helps fashion brands find themselves in the fashion market. As we dedicate ourselves to serve other businesses, we believe “Your success is our success.” No fashion brand is too small or big for us to work with. We are here to help you succeed and make your brand the best version of it.

What Is Design Consultancy Service?

Whether you have just one product idea, concept, or a collection of designs that you would like to bring to life and you need a professional eye that can re-imagine your ideas, present them more creatively and clearly, or if you are already an established brand in the fashion industry but you would like to bring new design ideas to the market to be able to succeed in the competitive market and adapt the changing trends, designer Cansu Odemis can create the best collections according to your target market.

The design consultancy service aims to help the global or start-up fashion brands to reach their goals and offer design ideas for them to grow successfully and profitably by analyzing their target market, competitors, where are they standing in the market, what are their strengths and what are their weaknesses. According to the detailed analysis of the company profile, designer Cansu Odemis offers new design ideas to bring the best results to the upcoming collections of the companies.

Fashion Design Service:

Designer and creative director Cansu Odemis provides design services in all aspects of womenswear, menswear, kidswear, accessory design, jewellery design, product design, and home textile design. She provides her service in all areas of design, her service includes but is not limited to ready-to-wear, couture, streetwear, swimwear, sportswear, lingerie, homewear, and more.

If you have a best-seller piece that you would like to improve and need solutions to create more varieties to be able to sell more, or if you have pieces that don’t sell and you need solutions to turn them into a demanding design in the market, the design consultancy service is what you need.

Designer Cansu Odemis conducts extremely detailed research and develops the concept into an eye-catching, high-quality collection including detailed technical drawings, perfectly depicted sketches & illustrations, collection developments, trend research, fashion forecasting, market analyses, inspiration boards, mood board, trend board, fabric/trimming boards, colour storyboard.

Print Design Service & Embroidery Design Service:

Designer Cansu Odemis also provides print and embroidery design services.
Whether you are looking for unique print designs for your garments or home textile products or you need mesmerizing hand embroideries, designer Cansu Odemis creates the most unique print and embroidery designs for you. Cansu Odemis is well-known for her hand-drawn print designs and hand embroideries as they can be seen in her personal collections. She turns her hand-drawn illustrations into digital print by using CAD (Computer-Aided Design), and her hand embroideries also consist of her illustrations. There are thousands of brands that produce clothing items, for this reason, your brand must identify what is unique about your designs. If you would like to have a signature print or embroidery specialized just for your brand to make your designs unique, this service is what you need.

What Design Consultancy Service Includes?

The service includes; designing the upcoming collections of the company, analyzing their market, customer profiles, competitors, season trends, and designing garments/accessories, and more that are proper for their target market and goal. Her vision has always brought the best results to the design firms, her original and creative perspective has always managed to bring the new fresh air to the companies of our clients. The design consultancy service includes below:


The importance of research cannot be underestimated. The most essential and time-consuming part of designing is researching trends, analyzing the market, and competitors. That’s means, countless hours on the computer, reading through fashion sources, magazines for secondary research, and traveling to fashion shows, trade fairs, and exhibitions for your primary research, and this may very pricey for your business. We are here to reduce the amount of time and work that you need to complete by minimizing your expenses. We do non-stop research until finding the right fit for your brand.

Our researches include:

⦁ market analyses
⦁ company profile (strengths & weaknesses)
⦁ customer profile
⦁ competitors
⦁ trend researches
⦁ fashion forecasting

Illustrations & Sketches

A well-depicted drawing says thousands of words. We believe drawing is the best communication tool regarding designs. Being able to draw your idea is essential to get the best pattern and accurate samples. With great skills in drawing, designer Cansu Odemis provides the best sketches and final illustrations that help your pattern cutter to understand the design very well and make the correct pattern. Accurate illustrations also help you persuade your client to choose your design in the first place.

Technical Drawings 

Without an accurate technical drawing, it can be difficult to get the ideas to access the pattern cutter or seamstress. It is essential to have correct technical drawings of your designs. These help manufacturers to visualise the design so that they can bring it to life correctly. Technical drawings contain information like:

⦁ Front and back views of the design
⦁ Information regarding the fabric type and trimming
⦁ Technical information such as colour references, logos, print or embroidery details


⦁ Moodboard
⦁ Trend Board
⦁ Fabric & Trimming Boards
⦁ Colour Storyboard
⦁ Final Range Line-up Boards

Why Choose Us?

Choosing the best designer who understands garment construction and has a professional eye for style along with great knowledge is extremely important for your business. If you need an exceptionally talented designer and creative consultant with great experience in the fashion industry to help you achieve your goal, Cansu Odemis’s design service is what you are looking for.

Designer Cansu Odemis can help you take your inspiration to the next level, present those ideas more professionally, and transform them into creative and innovative designs. Cansu Odemis’s artistic background and skills not only help you to bring the most mesmerizing designs to the market, but also her great ability to understand the market’s needs and her research expertise help you to have the most relevant designs to your target market and positioning. Thanks to our constant research on the market, trends, customer demands, best sellers, and new technologies in the fashion industry we know what works and what doesn’t. As storytellers with designs, we are here to take your vision, add a great value and strong design narrative to create your high-quality brand identity.

We extremely dig deep into your brand’s DNA and bring the best concepts that create your unique brand identity. We have great attention to detail and professionalism in every step of the design. We take our time and think about every single detail of the design, and it is very important to have a good eye for details because we believe that small details can make a big difference to the overall design.

We are proud to work with a broad range of clients, from small, independent brands to well-established, luxury brands. Our clients come from all around the world. So that, we are capable of working remotely by email and meeting via virtual meetings, we can also meet face to face if you are based in London or can travel to London. Our service covers a broad range of designs that can help you to find all you need in one place. Upon your review on the design that we have created for your brand, we can revise it based on your guidance to be able to bring the best final range to the market. Every fashion brand needs an identity with a unique brand story behind it, and we are here to help you build your brand identity by providing the highest quality design service and offering the best solutions garnered from years of experience.

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Designer Cansu Odemis’s collection for renowned, UK-based luxury fashion brand Mackintosh