In the couture collection “God Save The Queens”, strong woman figures through history, women rights, and gender equality issues were explored.

Violence, harassment, and varying degrees of inequality have been experiencing by a lot of women all around the world for generations. The “ God Save The Queens” collection analyzes themes of feminism, the empowerment of woman and uses fashion to send a message about strong women, promote gender equality through mind-blowing, rich hand-embroideries which consist of designer’s hand-drawn illustrations, colourful, mesmerizing print designs and glamorous hand embellishments with elegantly crafted pieces.

This collection uses strong queens as a starting point, especially the queens who were executed in history to explore the woman power in a male-dominated society. The collection aims to be the voice of those unfortunate woman figures who were brave enough to express themselves, fight for their ideologies and freedom despite the patriarchal system. It combines strength and femininity with its feminist statement, celebrates the independent modern female, and rewrites the history by giving them a better destiny and freedom that they deserved via timeless, unique designs.

It gives the message of “ There is no way to kill the strong woman, because the strong woman will always reborn again and again just like a phoenix in different forms, in different centuries, in different places…”

 “God Save The Queens!” because every woman is the queen of her own kingdom…