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Project Description

H A P P I L Y  NE V E R  A F T E R

In the SS-19 collection “Happily Never After”, the interaction of the fairy tales which have been passed down for generations with the modern culture was explored. Nowadays, as selfie obsession is popularized through social media and celebrity culture, people are becoming more obsessive about their physical appearances than ever before to reach more followers, to get more “likes” to win appreciation and approval. It was impossible for the fairy tales to remain as innocent as Disney’s interpretations, since social features, perceptions and problems are changing so rapidly. With a changing sense of beauty ( plastic surgeries, eating disorders ), social and psychological problems (self-harming, drug addiction  etc.) are reaching epidemic proportions. This collection uses fairy tales as a starting point to explore these challenges, through stitch, print, cut and detail, in a witty manner.